Get a Discount on your Gym Membership

And save hundreds on your health by using the gym regularly.

Affordacare insurance has a vested interest in you staying healthy. Naturally, we offer discounts for gym memberships.

Whether you exercise in a gym or outside, getting regular exercise can improve your health. If you are feeling unmotivated to get fit, getting a gym membership can be a way to stay accountable.

Overall health improves with exercise

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says ongoing exercise can help:

Consistency is key

To get maximum benefits from exercise, you have to participate in physical activity regularly. For example, running five miles on one day and then skipping workouts for the next two weeks doesn’t work that well. Exercising sporadically can decrease motivation, decrease endurance and increase injury.

However, “consistent workouts” does not mean that you must work out every day—it’s important to build rest days into your routine.

Before you sign up to get fit, speak to your agent or visit our perks to learn more.