Physical activity doesn’t need to be complicated. Something as simple as a daily brisk walk can help you live a healthier life.

Benefits include:

The faster, farther and more frequently you walk, the greater the benefits.

These benefits sound great! Here are some ways to get more out of your walking.

1. Have Fun with Friends and Family

Invite friends and family to walk with you. This will help you stay accountable and allow you to spend quality time with those you love. Another great way to get everyone moving is to use Fitbit or similar devices to create daily challenges for steps. Aiming for 10,000 steps per day is optimal for health. Always ask your doctor what amount of exercise is appropriate for your health.

2. Earn Money While Walking

Consider downloading the app, Sweatcoin. If you have flexibility in your schedule you could consider getting a part-time job walking dogs to earn extra cash and have built in exercise.

3. Make it your Time

Make a list of hikes or places outside that you would enjoy walking each week. Spending time in nature along with exercise helps reduce stress. You could also make this time your opportunity to listen to audiobooks, podcast or music you enjoy.

Here are ideas on how to walk more.