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Affordable Health Insurance Tailored for Your Business

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Affordable Health Insurance Tailored for Your Business

At AffordaCare Insurance, we understand that providing quality health insurance is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. That’s why we specialize in offering comprehensive and affordable group health coverage tailored to meet the unique needs of your industry and employees.

Employer & Employee Savings

We use our extensive relationships to compare hundreds of plans and companies, ensuring you get the best prices and coverage options.

Wide Range of Solutions

With our comprehensive Level Funded Plans like CHAMP, Job Creators like you are guaranteed to save while retaining the best talent.

Smarter, Customized, Benefits

Rising costs can make open enrollment a stressful time. We break the old employee benefits model by offering smarter, more cost-effective solutions that meet your corporate objectives and budget.

Significant Savings

Our group benefit packages save most business owners over $3,000 per employee per year guaranteed without any catch or complicated process, allowing you to invest more in your business and your team.

Everyone Can WIN with our Level Funded Plans and CHAMP

We are dedicated to providing insurance to thousands of families and businesses. Our goal is to save you money while ensuring your employees have access to the best healthcare options available. With our size and buying power, we secure lower rates through wholesale pricing, passing the savings directly to you.

Become a CHAMP for your Employees

Everyone truly wins with a benefits plan such as CHAMP, so why not become a Champion for your Company and allow us to serve you in achieving the benefit of gratitude and health for your most valuable asset, your team. Let AffordaCare get you there starting today. What are you waiting for?