With the CHAMP Health Management Plan, it costs business owners nothing and saves them $2,100 per employee every year.
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A guaranteed savings of $573.60or more!

The CHAMP PLAN Benefits

Through proprietary technology and AI-based automation software you can now and are able to offer voluntary insurance benefits that greatly benefit your organization's employees with everything from mitigative and preventative care, $0 copay prescriptions, unlimited urgent care, to unlimited telemedicine and $0 Copay for Mental Health, in-person and remotely.
Secondly, the app monitors their health on many unique levels. Each month each employee gets a personalized health score- similar to a credit score. Overtime the goal is to increase their score which has a direct result on claims. The higher the health score the lower the claims will be.

100% Preventative Care

Pays 100% of services required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act through First Health Providers.
*Employee Only

Primary Care Doctor / Urgent Care Visits

The Plan pays for unlimited office visit charges in the First Health Providers (or network of choice when available) with a $0 copay. *Employee Only

$0 Copay Prescriptions

No copays or cost for all formulary drugs. (Employee plus Family) .Covers nearly 200 generic and brand name prescriptions

Unlimited Telemedicine and Mental Health

Unlimited Virtual Direct Primary care services at a no cost 24/7/365. $0 Copay (Employee plus Family)

Attending Company Physician and Direct Primary Care (Employee plus Family)

Unlimited access to a Concierge’s advocate approach to health care.
It’s like having a doctor in your family you can contact for any reason at anytime

Workers Compensation Management Cost Containment Program

Management and mitigation of work-related injuries to protect the employer from further liability and lawsuits.
Early management of injuries creates cost savings lowering the final cost of the injury or work-related illness.

Personal Health Manager
Proactive Medical Care to help identify potential health risks
Access to private consultations with personal health assistants.
The Health Wallet
Keeps track of all your other insurance cards in one place including provider, Dr. and network look up. Access to the best provider prices and network
These benefits not only reduce the amount of claims that hit the existing major medical plans but by off loading these claims it greatly helps to reduce the group major medical renewal each year.

Pretax Benefits

Through Section §125, you are allowed to take The Champ Plan as a pre-tax deduction.

Increased Employee Net Pay $1,500/year

Average employee increases their net pay at about $125/month or $1,500/year

Fixed Savings Per Employee

The company receives a net guaranteed net fixed savings
*per employee