GAP Insurance

Because when the worst happens your bills don't stop.

Gap or supplemental plans can be used to cover a specific illness or a fixed dollar amount typically before a high deductible plan kicks in.  In addition all the benefits pay cash directly to you above and beyond any other insurance you may or may not have.  Excess cash can be used to pay down any deductibles and/or time missed from work including house and car payments.  Especially effective after a serious medical event to keep your same standard of living.



Great for pairing with high deductible plans. Gap insurance plans offer a "first dollar pay" meaning they start paying immediately with no co pay or deductibles. Our plans help provide families with peace of mind by providing health insurance benefits they can afford. Since all the benefits are defined in the plan it allows the consumer to know exactly what the policy pays prior to service.

Example #1

  • Your major medical plan has a $6,000 out of pocket before the benefits kick in.

  • Your gap plan has a $10,000 payout for being hospitalized.

  • When paid, your deductible for the rest of the year would be paid off and you would keep the remaining $4,000 cash tax free to use for anything of your choice.

Example #2

  • Total cost of a surgery is $2,000.

  • Gap plan pays a benefit of $1,500 for required outpatient surgery.

  • You would only pay $500 instead of the $2,000.



Simple & straightforward, You pick your lump sum payout between $5,000 and $750,000 

Lump-sum tax free cash to your mailbox.  Pays benefits upon the first diagnosis of common conditions like cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetic complications, heart bypass, stents, hospital stays, ICU, surgeries, Alzheimer's disease or another common critical illness.  




Because when you stop working your bills don't stop.  Monthly income BENEFITS from $500 to $23,000!

In as little as 7 days after missed work our plans kick in to keep you financially safe so you can recover and get back to what you do best worry free.  We will pay you monthly checks based on a percentage of your income from when you were working.


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