We are so confident in quality of our coverage, our outstanding prices and the incredible flexibly of our plans that if we can't give you a better plan AND a better price than your current plan we will give you $50 just for getting a quote!

Here's the common sense fine print:

Our plans are designed to give phenomenal coverage to generally healthy people.  Any apples to apples comparison on any plan with any carrier we will gladly honor.

Email us your outline of coverage and premium on your active plan with your current and insurance company and we will match or beat your price or give you $50 if we can’t.

 *Price Match Guarantee™ only applies to the following:  Must be an ACA qualified plan that has been issued and approved within the last 6 months, must be able to qualify for our plans including able answer all our health questions and live in a state where coverage can be issued, must have no new health conditions or life events that may impact the issue of a new policy, and must still be the same age as original issue age of policy.

Subsidized plans, including plans purchased on the health care exchange with a tax credit or those part of an employer, group or government plan such as Medicaid are not eligible.  Definition of "better price" means a lower monthly premium.  Definition of "better plan" means a lower deductible and larger network".

We reserve the right to modify, cancel and limit this promotion at anytime. We reserve the right to refuse providing offers and/or promotions to particular individuals or organizations at our discretion. No warranties or guarantees are made.